Image source from Milledeux Facebook.


Milledeux is a family owned business that started in 2014 when two parents from Denmark had daughter Emilie and couldn’t find the quality hair bows that they felt their treasured little one deserved. Trying to avoid metal clips containing too much nickel and clip-teeth that would cut and damage the delicate hair of a little child, they came up with a nickel-free, safety certified textiles, and hairstylist-grade alligator clip with no teeth, providing the variety of styles and colors they were looking for to match each one of their little girl’s outfits. The name of the brand is inspired by little Emilie (Mille) and their two (deux) dogs, who are Mille’s best friends. The fun things the three of them are always up to builds the brand’s universe.


Milledeux was built in a quest for quality, so they ensure that all of their products meet high quality standards, are all handmade, and use only the best materials. When you purchase Milledeux you get: high quality items, hairstylist grade alligator clips with no teeth, OEKO-TEX ribbon, authentic Liberty of London fabric, REACH certified production, a large variety in styles and colors, and cute and secure packaging.