Felt Pompom Necklace (Purple)


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Handmade from fabrics sourced all the way from Nepal

Nepali Wool felt beads that are both light-weight & indestructible for your girl on-the-go!

Charming Tassle that brings out the bright & deep colors of the felt pom poms!

  • Handmade from Nepali fabrics
  • Adjustible band allows for a fitted or loose fit around any size
  • Crafted individually by hand by the designers
  • Locally acquired textiles in India

* Actual products may vary slightly from the image due to each being individually handmade.

  • All ages

* Actual product measurements may vary slightly from the size image due to each being individually handmade.


LALI was born when the founder was a sourcing trip to India and met up with a friend who was working with wool to make lovely felt beads, toys and baskets. Drawn to the simplicity of their design and beautiful colors some felt beads were purchased with an intention to just simply support these women who were mainly wanting to support their family and children's education. This led to the idea of stringing some of these colored balls that were lightweight, soft and essentially indestructible together to create necklaces and the brand was born! The founder was so inspired by their teammates in India they started to create pieces in their own studio from Nepali fabrics. The essence of creation by the hands and the benefit of all those involved is what LALI was founded on and stands for today.