The Perfect Fall Fabric for Your Littles

Autumn is here! Can you believe it? Summer went by so fast and it was super crazy for us at DapperDazzle! Summer was our first season in business: we worked super hard to create a beautiful website for you and your little to enjoy together, and we put together the best selection of curated accessories we could find all around the world!

As the Fall starts and we are getting into our new collection, we want to highlight one of our favorite super classy fabrics: T W E E D

Tweed was designated by Ralph Lauren as the Unofficial Fabric of the Fall, and at DapperDazzle, we are fully embracing it with matching styles for your little ladies and your little gentelmen! Tweed is a strong, moisture-wicking traditional material that hails from farmers in Scotland, used to keep warm and dry as the weather got colder. It has since seen a widespread use in urban and street fashion in the form of jackets, ties, and the classic Chanel Women's Two Piece Suit designed by the legendary Coco, Tweed became an icon of class and sophistication.(Check out this amazing article if you're interested in learning the story of tweed, it's super interesting!)

We know that one of kid's favorite past times is imitating their bigs and playing grown-ups! They admire their audlt role models, and are practicing to be like them when they grow up! Here's some fun little ways to up their grown-up game and maybe even playing match with their bigs! Super cute just picturing it :) Check out our Tweed Bags, Bow Ties, and Hair Clips, special for the littles that want to be just like their bigs!

DapperDazzle from the Story

DapperDazzle Alligator Hair Clip Tweed Bow in Black
Black Tweed Bow Hair Clip
DapperDazzle Crossbody Tweed Bag in White
White Tweed Bag
Vandoma Tweed Light Blue Bow Tie
Blue Tweed Bow Tie

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