Summer Vacation Style

You have everything sorted out: the vacation days at work, the place, the airbnb, the route and the pit stops along the way, the restaurants with children’s menus, the doggie hotel, space in your phone for family pictures, list of activities in case the kids get bored -including games and books. The essentials are already packed: waterproof sunscreen, flip flops, bathing suits, clothes for any type of weather, even vitamins. Everything is checked off and ready to go but why just stick with the essentials? 

Now it’s time to take it up a notch, ensure your kids will have fun, and that you do too! Make sure there will be memories and every-day tokens to remember that special family time. Family vacations are made for bonding, for relaxing, for having fun, for taking a break from the usual, for seeing new things, for wearing new things, for reinventing ourselves! 

Here are some playful and whimsical recommendations to let your kids accessories be fun for the whole family!

  • Flower Rings by Lillies & Roses: Planning to have fun in the water? No need to take your rings off! These colorful acrylic flower rings bring the Brazilian heat with high end finishes, and are durable and comfortable, perfect for a kid to play!
  • Temporary Tattoos by Tattly: Flash tattoos are promised fun, that is undeniable. These Brooklyn based company started with the goal of creating beautifully designed vegetable-ink temporary tattoos that won’t harm a child’s skin in any way. Check out these fun designs that kids will love to combine and play with, some of them are even scented!
  • Sunglasses by Paxley: These amazing sunglasses come all the way from Italy, and are super-engineered to be the best glasses a kid could have. With pinch-free hinges, ergonomic rubber, and grip tension, they bend all types of ways (so much they can fit 0 to 5 years old!) and will protect their eyes from the sun, while providing a big pinch of Dapper!
  • Ponchos by Poncho&Parker: These beautiful 100% Turkish cotton ponchos will be the perfect cover up for swimsuits when your family is out an about! The little ones will be feeling whimsical and cozy after a dip in the ocean or fresh after bath time. With fun and colorful prints, running around in the sand will be awesome!

DapperDazzle from the Story

Lilies & Roses Flower Green Ring
Acrylic Flower Rings
Tattly Arm Candy Temporary Tattoos
Temporary Tattoos
Paxley Mulholland Crystal Sunglasses
Safe Sunglasses for Kids
Poncho & Parker Kahuna Skinny Lemon Poncho
FUNctional Ponchos

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