Fun in the Sun with All the Senses

The summer is the time for kids to have pure fun. They don't need to go to school and have all day to explore the world around them and what they can do with their time when they have the whole day ahead of them. They are taking the summer in with all of their senses:

S I G H T • S M E L L • T O U C H • H E A R I N G • T A S T E

Today we are presenting you with a way to experiment with SIGHT and SMELL while having loads of fun with your little! Temporary Tattoos are undeniably cool. They look awesome, you can mix-and-match them, they are fun to apply and some of them even are scented for extra fun!

We love our brand Tattly because not only do they have super safe, vegetable-ink based tattoos, but they also hire the most amazing artists and designers and give them a cut of their sales! But one of them is super special: The Arm Candy Scented Temporary Tattoos.These beautiful designs were created by artist Julia Rothman, inspired by conversation hearts, and smell like vanilla frosting, candy corn, cotton candy, and all things sweet & delicious!

DapperDazzle from the Story

Tattly Scented Arm Candy Temporary Tattoos
Scented Arm Candy Temporary Tattoos

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