Quality As Our #1 Priority - Spotlight: Poncho+Parker

At DapperDazzle, we believe that kids deserve the best they can get. High quality products provide the comfort and freedom they need in order to grow up filled with confidence into the best people they can become. This is why we kept quality in mind as our number one priority when curating the brands and products offered on our premium platform.

Today we will tell you the story of one of our favorite brands: PONCHO + PARKER

This brand was born when mom Brooke was looking for a post-pool poncho to throw on her son Gray and couldn’t find anything she really liked. So in 2016, Brooke partnered with childhood friend Adele to create Poncho + Parker, with the goal of leaving the lil’ ones feeling whimsical and cozy after a dip in the ocean or fresh after bath time.

These 100% cotton ponchos are made in Turkey, cut from Turkish towels that made of the original pestemal cloth, hand-woven with hand-tied fringes. Poncho + Parker'sponchos are also lightweight, extremely absorbent and quick-drying. Ultimately a stylish gift that is functional for parents and playful for water-loving kids. Its rapid-dryingmaterial adds the convenience of not having to worry about wet towels & cover-ups and it can be super easily packed into a beach bag or suitcase for a dreamy beach vacation away!

DapperDazzle from the Story

Poncho & Parker Blue Striped Poncho for Kids
Poncho + Parker Ocean
Poncho & Parker Orange Striped Poncho for Kids
Poncho + Parker Tangerine

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