Always Protected From The Sun

There are a few things more delicate than a little kid's skin. Little children haven't yet built the natural defences they need to fight against the threats of sun rays shining through a growingly weaker ozone. Their skin layers are thinner and don't produce the sebum that protects them. So how can we protect them form the sun's harm? Of course we need to apply a high SPF sunscreen, but this is not enough. 

After applying sunscreen, a kid's scalp is still exposed to getting sunburnt, and over heating of their little heads can be harmful too! Having a long-brim sun hat at hand is super important, and making sure that hat is taken care of is also super important!

Once you get your little a beautiful and cool straw hat make sure to keep the following guidelines in mind so that their hat lasts long and protects your little's head and skin for longer!

  • For keeping them in shape: Don't handle them from the crown if you don't want to see a misshaped hat! Always handle by the brim and avoid pinching it. Also, make sure to avoid leaving them out on hot areas (like inside of a car), this will shrink the straw!

  • For protecting the straw: Try to avoid the straw from getting wet, but wipe it down with a clean cloth after being used or dust it with a bristle brush. Try to always handle the hat with clean hands, because straw can get easily stained and it's hard to clean! Try to prevent make up, lotions, or hair products to seep into the straw. It is recommended to store the hats in cold and dry places so that they can last longer!

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