Introducing DapperDazzle

    adjective - dap·per - \ˈda-pər\
    a :  neat and trim in appearance - looked very dapper in their uniforms
    b :  very spruce and stylish - a dapper new suit

    verb - daz·zle - \ˈda-zəl\
    a :  to shine brilliantly - … the woods dazzled whitely … — Truman Capote
    b :  to arouse admiration by an impressive display - She dazzles in her live concerts.

Because children shine brilliantly and dazzle when they smile. Because a dapper kid might just be the cutest thing you have ever seen. Because a child’s personality is fervent and they want to show it. Because every kid is unique. Because you want them to have the best there is. Because they want to have fun all the time. Because they are colorful and special.

Those are the reasons why we are introducing DapperDazzle, your premium online destination for children’s accessories.

Here, you will find a thoroughly curated array of high quality children’s accessories –and only accessories- sold in small quantities, ensuring that you will get some of the most special items a kid could ever have. Our unique products are locally made in cities all around the globe, from Brazil to Denmark, most are even handmade! All the brands we carry have notable brand stories and these common values: Happiness and Quality.

We added one more value to that list: Uniqueness. We believe that all children are unique; let’s give them a way to show it!

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