Let your littles express themselves!

Colors are all about self-expression and standing out. They highlight the diversity around us and allow us to show our uniqueness to the world. Colors also communicate stories and evoke emotions; reds convey passion and drive, blues tell a story of strength and resilience, yellows reveal peace and joy, greens illustrate harmony and growth, just to name a few. Littles are always wanting to tell stories, not only through toys and through spoken word, but also through their body language and appearance. Additionally, littles have an urge to be unique, different and there is no better way for kids to show the world that they are one of a kind than through colorful accessories, except maybe through more than one accessory.

Littles want to express themselves just as much as their bigs do. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the perfect accessories for your littles to tell their stories and reveal their interests and whimsical personalities even before they open their mouths, leaving others speechless.

  • Adalyn Headband by Melina’s Bowtique: These hair pieces handmade in the USA with locally sourced satin will definitely add a sophisticated twist to any outfit, allowing your very special little to stand out, whether your it is at a wedding or on the playground. The tiara will comfortably grip to your little’s head and leave others mesmerized in the presence of your little.
  • Ava Alligator Hair Clip by Republic of Pigtails: Ethically sourcecd and Hailing all the way from Indonesia, these clips will add a fun, vibrant surprise every time your little turns her head. Made with lots of love, the Ava Alligator Hair Clip will add a pop of color to any outfit without damaging your girl's delicate hair.
  • Boutique Bow Hair Tie by Milledeux: The ultimate ponytail accessory, this hair tie is certified OEKO-TEX, protecting your little’s precious hair, and fits all ages. Add these snazzy, handmade hair ties from Denmark to brighten any outfit and your little’s face.
  • Seashell Snap Hair Clips from Lilies & Roses NY: If your little loves the summer, she'll love these waterproof hair clips. Now, your little can look stylish both on land and off land due to the durable and waterproof design. Keep the hair out of your little’s eye and make her a star in the eyes of others with this set of two hair clips from Brazil.

DapperDazzle from the Story

Adalyn Headband in Pink with Butterflies by Melina’s Bowtique
Adalyn Pink Headband
Republic of Pigtails Ava Alligator Hair Clip in Marigold
Marigold Alligator Hair Clip
Boutique Bow Hair Tie in Flower Pink by Milledeux
Boutique Bow Hair Tie
Seashell Snap Hair Clip in Gold Set of 2 from Lilies & Roses NY
Seashell Snap Hair Clip

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