Beach Style From Head to Toe: Color Blocking for Boys & Girls

Color Blocking is a trend that will never fade. Specially for kids, it is a super fun way to play with colors and enjoy dressing up for a fun day at the beach! Matching up with the blue skies or the yellow sun can be an adventure for the little ones and the big ones too. At DapperDazzle we are all about creating unique moments for unique kids, sweet memories for the whole family. Going to the beach can sometimes be a stressful thing. You have to make sure your kids are protected from the sun, that you bring towels, water, snacks, that no ones get sand in their eyes or in the car! We are giving you a way to make all of this easier and have, yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Playing dress up with your kids with these head-to-toe color-blocked items will keep the guarded from the threats of the sun and the sand, dry after a dip in the water, and looking as sharp as ever!

DapperDazzle from the Story

White Straw Fedora for Kids with Blue Strap
Blue Block Hat
Paxley Sunglasses for kids 0 to 5 blue glass and clear frame
Blue Block Sunglasses
Poncho & Parker Blue Striped Poncho for Kids
Blue Block Poncho

Orcher Light Brown Straw Bell Hat for Kids
Yellow Block Hat
Paxley Sunglasses for kids 0 to 5 Amber frame
Yellow Block Sunglasses
Poncho & Parker Yellow Striped Poncho for Kids
Yellow Block Poncho

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