Fall Fun and Fashion: Apple Picking with your Little

Fall is synonymous with pumpkin picking and carving, getting lost in corn mazes, preparing for Halloween, baking cherry pies, jumping into fresh leaf piles, and wearing fall colors. Of course, fall is not fall without going apple picking with your family. After all, who doesn’t love the fresh air, the smell of just ripe Red Delicious apples, the soft earth beneath their feet, the openness of the skies and fields, and the promise of savory apples pies afterwards? The times spent on apple orchards will be a timeless moment your littles will never forget, especially since you’ll be snapping pictures all day!

Apple picking is undeniably fun but there are ways to make it even more enjoyable (is that even possible?). Here are some tips to make your apple picking experiences more delightful:

  • Wear comfortable shoes so that walking is easy and the least of your littles’ concerns. Littles should be thinking about which tree to pick from, not about their foot pains.
  • It may be chilly outside but that doesn’t mean that ultraviolet (UV) rays won’t still affect you and your littles' skin. Apply sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) at least 15 minutes before sun exposure, and, if necessary, wear Shades. Our shades are flexible yet sturdy so that your littles can run around without pinches or the glasses falling off their little heads! Alternatively, or additionally, your littles can wear hats, which are just as lightweight and trendy, to keep the sun off of their eyes. DapperDazzle has some perfect apple-popicking hats, like the Bell Hat or the Boater Hat.
  • Fall is known for its gentle breeze so protect your littles! Add these seriously cozy scarves so that your littles are both stylish and warm. Plus, they’ll look even more adorable than they already are in their photos.
  • Apple picking won't really be apple picking if you don’t bring some of those apples home! Your little will want to hold their own harvests and afall bag that resembles a basket, it's the best (and most dapper) way to do so! This bag is lightweight, spacious, and fashionable and, not to mention, on theme!

DapperDazzle from the Story

DapperDazzle Sunglasses in Midnight crafted in Italy
Sunglasses in Midnight
DapperDazzle Straw Bell Hat in Ocher
Straw Bell Hat in Ocher
DapperDazzle Straw Boater Hat in Brown
Straw Boater Hat in Brown
DapperDazzle Pom Pom Scarf in Navy
Pom Pom Scarf in Navy
DapperDazzle Mini Barrel Bag in Brown
Mini Barrel Bag in Brown
DapperDazzle Tote with Fruit Designs
Tote with Fruits

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