All Kids Are Artists

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There are a few things more inspiring than a child's creativity and imagination. To them, a fork with a vegetable can become an airplane, a little kitty plush toy can become a huge and scary lion, a balloon can be a sword, or any type of animal, and a whole person can disappear just by covering their eyes with their hands: PEEK-A-BOO! Giving a kid a means to express their imagination can be super fulfilling for them and for their parents too!

Creativity is a skill that we can all develop, and there are some ways in which parents can help boost their kids' creativity, letting them express themselves in all sorts of different ways! This is a skill that doesn't only apply to painting, dancing, and playing an instrument, but for any type of art, including sciences and most importantly, communication and emotional intelligence! Artists and creative people are resourceful and better problem solvers because they can find innovative ways in which to use whatever they have to achieve a goal. 

Here are some things for parents to keep in mind as they are helping their littles become more creative:

  • Create an athmosphere for creativity where there is no wrong answer
  • Try to make your kids come up with more than one solution to one problem and keep their little brains running
  • Encourage involvement with the arts! Reading books, going to fun galleries, watching movies, going to dance classes, listening to legendary music.
  • Don't impose boundaries or rewards systems! Let them be creative for the sake of it, and not with the goal of being rewarded.
  • Make sure they understand that this isn't a competition of no kind, this is just about them being able to express themselves!

At DapperDazzle we thought about how important it is for unique kids to be able to express themselves and wanted to give them a fun way to do it. That is why we included TATTLY and ShuShuKids in our curated selection of premium products! Let your kids mix-and-match colors and prints, and express themselves through fun and colorful accessories!

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